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Mouth Tape - 6 Month Supply

Mouth Tape - 6 Month Supply

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 Each pouch contains 30 mouth tapes

• Priced as low as 0.44 cents per day

• Crafted from a comfortable, breathable, bamboo silk

• Medical-grade hypoallergenic adhesive for a secure hold

• Natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties for hygiene

Mouth Tape is a breakthrough for people who have problems with snoring or have difficulty breathing at night. It encourages nasal breathing which helps in reducing snoring, dry mouth, and morning sore throat. Our unique design ensures it stays firm throughout the night without causing discomfort.

With Recover Mouth Tape, not only will you experience a more restful sleep, but also see improvement in your athletic performance. Make Recover Mouth Tape a part of your nightly routine and experience the difference!

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